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Client: Hurricane Harry's

A detail-rich home page. A detail-rich home page.

Full Website Design and Development
Launched: December 2008
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Hurricane Harry's has been a mainstay of the College Station, TX night scene for decades. Known for hosting the top Texas Country musical talent on a weekly basis, when Harry's wanted their online presence to match their local reputation they came to Net Perspective.

We delivered a design that is full of details that recalls the experience of visiting the central Texas honky-tonk. Wood, paint, and plenty of texture speak to the gritty, no-nonsense attitude of so many Texans.

Of prime importance are the upcoming musical performers and other events that make Harry's such a popular destination. These demand a great deal of the real estate along with such neccessities as drink specials and party pics.

Our Clients Say. . .

"Our experience with Net Perspective has been nothing short of stellar. At the beginning, we only had a rough sketch of what we were looking for and needed a lot of help getting the ideas we had out of our heads and into the virtual world.

"The team at Net Perspective met with us and immediately we felt like we had chosen the right people for the job, even though we are in separate cities. The communication between us and them has been easy, efficient, and as you can see, highly successful!" - The Ditlow Team
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