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Client: Orthochronos

Clear calls to action and quick explanations. Clear calls to action and quick explanations.

Full Website Design and Development
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Launched: January 2009
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Orthochronos (literally 'Right Timing' from the Greek) is something remarkable. It is a system, built up over the course of seven years by Dr. Othon Rediniotis, a professor of aerospace engineering, and one of his PHD candidates, who also both happen to be enthusiastic stock investors.

The people at Orthochronos have a goal. They want to help you become a smarter, more conservative, and most importantly, a more profitable investor. They chose to do this by employing Net Perspective to build the visuals to bring their forecasting system to life and the mechanics to deliver it to a wide audience.

Charting system. Charting system. One of the halmarks of Orthochronos's philosophy is providing as much relevant information to their customs as possible. Because the depth of the system is so large this became a significant challenge. Users are gradually introduced to the method through an extensive FAQ section, many tutorial and example videos, and a large back history of charts with which to train.

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"Our experience with Net Perspective has been nothing short of stellar. At the beginning, we only had a rough sketch of what we were looking for and needed a lot of help getting the ideas we had out of our heads and into the virtual world.

"The team at Net Perspective met with us and immediately we felt like we had chosen the right people for the job, even though we are in separate cities. The communication between us and them has been easy, efficient, and as you can see, highly successful!" - The Ditlow Team
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